Kumar Sandeep

About Kumar Sandeep

KUMAR SANDEEP is one of the best-known and most dynamic trainers of the corporate world today. Applying his ideas help create an environment where learning truly takes place – and where people leave excited about making a difference. He in his inspirational talks leaves no stone unturned to reveal the secrets of a management revolution. He speaks about beginning a totally new corporate consciousness, which is significant to the quest of excellence for both the individual and the organization as a whole.

Formerly a Corporate HR, Sourcing Specialist and Headhunter, now Sandeep is associated with Corporate Connect India as a Director, Corporate Speaker and Trainer. He is one of the co-founder of this dynamic organization, which caught attention in the beginning of 2010 with its high voltage, powerful, innovative, creative, unconventional, bold and customized trainings across the corporate, Education and social sectors. Sandeep and his organization is like certain alchemy, a science of transformation, to the corporate and social sector today.


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